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Treatment of Interest

Subject to the discussion below concerning backup withholding, a Non-U.S. Holder will not be subject to United States federal income or withholding tax in respect of interest income on the notes if the interest income qualifies for the “portfolio interest exception.” Generally, interest income will qualify for the “portfolio interest exception” if each of the following requirements is satisfied:


    The interest is not effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business in the United States;


    The Non-U.S. Holder appropriately certifies its status as a non-United States person (as described below);


    The Non-U.S. Holder does not directly or constructively own 10% or more of the total combined voting power of all classes of our stock entitled to vote;


    The Non-U.S. Holder is not for U.S. federal income tax purposes a “controlled foreign corporation” that is directly or constructively related to us through stock ownership; and


    The Non-U.S. Holder is not a bank which acquired the notes in consideration for an extension of credit made pursuant to a loan agreement entered into in the ordinary course of business.

The certification requirement referred to above generally will be satisfied if the Non-U.S. Holder provides us, our paying agent, or other “qualified intermediary” with a statement on IRS Form W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E, as applicable (or suitable substitute or successor forms), together with all appropriate attachments, signed under penalties of perjury, identifying the Non-U.S. Holder and stating, among other things, that the Non-U.S. Holder is not a United States person (within the meaning of the Code). If the Non-U.S. Holder holds its notes through a financial institution, other agent acting on the holder’s behalf, or other qualified intermediary, the Non-U.S. Holder will be required to provide appropriate documentation to that agent, and that agent will then be required to provide appropriate documentation to us or our paying agent (either directly or through other intermediaries). For payments made to foreign partnerships and certain other pass-through entities, the certification requirement will generally apply to the partners or other interest holders rather than the partnership or other pass-through entity. We may be required to report annually to the IRS and to each Non-U.S. Holder the amount of interest paid to, and the tax withheld, if any, with respect to each Non-U.S. Holder. Prospective Non-U.S. Holders should consult their independent tax advisors regarding this certification requirement, and alternative methods for satisfying the certification requirement.

If the requirements of the “portfolio interest exception” are not satisfied with respect to a Non-U.S. Holder, payments of interest to that Non-U.S. Holder will be subject to a 30% United States withholding tax, unless another exemption or a reduced withholding rate applies. For example, an applicable income tax treaty may reduce or eliminate such tax, in which event a Non-U.S. Holder claiming the benefit of such treaty must provide the withholding agent with a properly executed IRS Form W-8BEN (or suitable substitute or successor form) claiming the benefit of the applicable tax treaty. Alternatively, an exemption applies to the 30% United States withholding tax if the interest is effectively connected with the Non-U.S. Holder’s conduct of a trade or business in the United States (or if an income tax treaty applies, is attributable to a permanent establishment or fixed base maintained by the Non-U.S. Holder in the United States) and the Non-U.S. Holder provides an appropriate statement to that effect on a properly executed IRS Form W-8ECI (or suitable substitute or successor form). In the latter case, such Non-U.S. Holder generally will be subject to United States federal income tax with respect to all income from the notes in the same manner as U.S. Holders, as described above, unless an applicable income tax treaty provides otherwise. In addition, such a Non-U.S. Holder that is a corporation may be subject to a branch profits tax with respect to any such United States trade or business income at a rate of 30% (or at a reduced rate under an applicable income tax treaty provided certain certification requirements are met).



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