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In the case of defeasance, the holders of such Debt Securities are entitled to receive payments in respect of such Debt Securities solely from such trust. Such a trust may only be established if, among other things, we have delivered to the Trustee an opinion of counsel (as specified in the Indenture) to the effect that the holders of the Debt Securities affected thereby will not recognize income, gain or loss for federal income tax purposes as a result of such defeasance or covenant defeasance and will be subject to federal income tax on the same amounts, in the same manner and at the same times as would have been the case if such defeasance or covenant defeasance had not occurred. Such opinion of counsel, in the case of defeasance described above, must refer to and be based upon a ruling of the Internal Revenue Service or a change in applicable federal income tax law occurring after the date of the Indenture.

Modification and Waiver

Under the Indenture, certain of our rights and obligations and certain of the rights of Holders of the Debt Securities may be modified or amended with the consent of the Holders of a majority in aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Debt Securities of each series of Debt Securities affected by the modification or amendment. The following modifications and amendments will not be effective against any Holder of any outstanding Debt Security affected thereby without its consent:


    a change in the stated maturity date of any payment of principal or interest;


    a reduction in the principal amount, in the rate of interest or in any premium payable upon redemption;


    a reduction in the principal amount of an Original Issue Discount Security that would be due and payable upon a declaration of acceleration of the maturity of a Debt Security pursuant to the Indenture;


    a change in the Place of Payment or currency in which any payment on the Debt Securities is payable;


    an impairment of a Holder’s right to sue us for the enforcement of certain payments due on the Debt Securities;


    a reduction in the percentage of outstanding Debt Securities required to consent to a modification, waiver or amendment of the Indenture; and


    a modification of any of the foregoing requirements or a reduction in the percentage in principal amount of outstanding Debt Securities required to waive compliance with certain provisions of the Indenture or to waive certain defaults under the Indenture (Section 10.02).

Events of Default

The term “Event of Default” when used in the Indenture with respect to any series of Debt Securities, means any of the following:


    failure to pay interest (including defaulted interest, if any) on any Debt Security of that series when due, and continuance of such default for a period of 30 days;


    failure to pay the principal of or any premium on any Debt Security of that series when due;


    failure to make any sinking fund payment when and as due by the terms of a Debt Security of that series, and continuance of such default for a period of 60 days;


    default in the performance, or breach, of any covenant or warranty of the Company in the Indenture (other than a covenant or warranty, a default in the performance or breach of which is elsewhere specifically dealt with or which has expressly been included in the Indenture solely for the benefit of one or more series of Debt Securities other than that series), and continuance of such default or breach for a period of 90 calendar days after there has been given and actually received by the Company a Notice of Default (as defined in the Indenture) with respect to such default or breach;



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